Looking for manpower jobs in the middle east? Whether jobseeker searching for freelance work, something more permanent or your next management opportunity, here at TopManagers.Biz, we can help. After all, we’re a leading UAE manpower agency. There are a few things for jobseeker that can do to increase thier chances of success, however.

1: Prioritise your personal brand. Just like the world’s biggest companies, you too need a brand. You have to show prospective employers who you are, what you’re about and most importantly what you can do if you want to land manpower jobs. Update your resume, upskill and make yourself stand out from the crowd. This way you are increasing your chances of being selected for interview.

2: Network. It’s basic probability, but the more people see your resume, the better your chances are of securing manpower jobs. If you’ve just finished polishing your resume, don’t leave it in your drawer gathering dust. Send it out and use your network to search for suitable vacancies.

3: Use the power of social media. Technology is supposed to help us live a smarter and more convenient life. With that in mind, if you’re afforded the privilege of having access to social media, use it. Sites such as LinkedIn are a great way to grow networks, search for manpower jobs and show potential employers that you’re available.

4: Check-in with company websites. Overseas manpower agency websites such as TopManagers.Biz consistently update their own websites with current vacancies. Bookmark us and keep checking back for vacancies that you feel you may be suitable for.

5: Update your phonebook. Searching for a new manpower job can be hard work. There are numerous companies to contact and lots of numbers to call. In amongst the stress, you’ll still want to remain personable. Make sure you create a database of names and numbers of people you’ve spoken to, so, if you get to have a follow up call or meeting you won’t have forgotten their name.

6: Call, Call, Call. Talking of which, if you get the number of a company that you’d love to work with, call it. This is no time to be shy. If cold-calling people isn’t normally your thing, learn how to be comfortable with it. You’ll be surprised how few people pluck up the courage to call in person meaning you’ll stand out, and just maybe land that manpower job.

7: Do something else. Manpower job hunting can be hard work and very tedious. If you’re not careful, long periods of unemployment can lead to stresses on your mental health. Don’t let it. Look after yourself, eat well and exercise. Eventually, employment will come, and you’ll feel all the better for it.

8: Turn it into an opportunity. Many people coast through life focussing on their job and forget to develop themselves. If you’ve recently found yourself out of work, it can be a great opportunity to review your resume and check which skills you need to brush up on. Take a course or carry out some voluntary work. It will look great for future employers and could help you land that dream manpower job.

9: Copy and repeat. Have you ever wondered how people got to where they are in their professional life? Ask them. If you’ve got your eye set on a future management position, seeking out a mentor to guide you in the skills, qualifications and career path that you need to be successful can be a huge help.

10: Reward yourself. Perhaps you’ve just landed your perfect manpower job with TopManagers.Biz, or you’ve just gained a promotion. Treat yourself to something nice. You deserve it.



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